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ALL Goof Troop fans are welcome!
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Isabel Del Castillo
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United States
Highly opinionated

Rant: Because we all need warnings by FragdogLest Ye Become A Monster... by CynpaiIf there were no God by leviteTolerance? by Ramen27
GGGEEENNNNIIIUSSSS by GrinchaRaven stamp by sketchingserendipityRainbow Ruiners by SionnaDehr Boys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps
I Support the New Lola Stamp by Tiny-Toons-FanMok Swagger Stamp by motherofsephyThanks to your gay marriage support offer by I-Take-It-BackWho's the bigot? by Ramen27
Schizoid by acid--rainbowI Hated High School by hollsPro-Life Stamp by jball430 I Miss The 90's by holls

So long as we keep within DA rules lol
Many thanks to :iconbluehecate: for the help in providing examples of other artists' commission listings :nod:


~$5 sketch [$10 if it needs extensive work]~

Bradley Uppercrust_Expressions by IZZY-CHAN13 DP_Prelude by IZZY-CHAN13 high school sweetheart_Introduction by IZZY-CHAN13

~$15 color with minimal or no background~

Fox and Sheila_Revised by IZZY-CHAN13 Craig and Rebekah_Commission for BlueHecate by IZZY-CHAN13 Rayman_2011 by IZZY-CHAN13

~$20 color with full background~

Reef Lounge by IZZY-CHAN13 Video Game Confessions_Sonic by IZZY-CHAN13



~$5 sketch [$10 if it needs extensive work]~

Have yet to upload a related image

~$20 color with minimal or no background~

Makeshift Pillow_for valdetiosi by IZZY-CHAN13 Channel Flipping by IZZY-CHAN13 'Morning'_For JB-Pawstep by IZZY-CHAN13

~$25 color with full background~

Contest Entry_Collin and Cici by IZZY-CHAN13 Nap on the Ocean Floor_Art Trade for Sitinuramjah by IZZY-CHAN13 Our Bean Scene_Contest Prize for StarInsomniac2009 by IZZY-CHAN13


What I use: mechanical and natural pencils, illustration ink pens, permanent markers, washable markers, ballpoint pens, colored pencils, Photoshop CS3 Extended

*(Paid through PayPal Account)


There is a possibility that I will also do more acrylic paintings; I have yet to decide on a price.

And, is it possible to sell fanfiction??

Here are examples:

Pete's Extermination_Story n' Art_For artgirl87 by IZZY-CHAN13 Sleepover_Contest Prize for x-Ink-Black-Heart-xA small groan slipped out of the boy's jarring mouth, tossing one final time in his sleep. A hand failed with its arm as it felt something, a source of heat and flesh.
Instead of jumping out of bed, a heavy head fell back into its lumped pillow. Palms tried to rub at irritated sockets, eyes baggy from another sleepless night. He realized that his chest was bare, exposed and a bit cold. A blanket was pulled to his chin… Random shapes flew in and out subconscious to try and make sense the events past.
It took Mike-E forever to get past the low drone of that wicked sensual spell…
On the rooftop again, gazing out into the blood red sunset. A short breath carried a frustration easily identified by the glare of jaded orbs and a pulling back of jet back hair by calloused, gloved fingers.
More than once had the memories of "him" waded within his mind… This mouse had about enough; it would be that much easier to seek "him" out and beat the living daylights out of him. With
After TodayIt's been a couple of weeks since my dad left to spend the rest of his happy life with the librarian, Ms. Mar-pole-ey. Er, I mean Marpole. Wasn't her name "Sylvia" or something?
Whatever. I'm glad that he found the right one after so long. I really am!
It's been a while since I had a mother. Heh heh. Man, the sun's making me kinda tired. I shuffle to the blinds and mess with the drawstrings until the orange light disappears from the room. The cotton feels good on my nose, cushioning my fall to the bed, "You did good, Max. You did good." I wrap arms around my pillow and bury my face in there for a minute, trying to get a wink of sleep…
"Hey Max!"
I let out a tiny groan as the wheat field disappears from my view again. Thrown back into nothing but a black hole, my hands reach for the edge of the mattress before I push my hand out of the cushion. My muzzle made a funny looking imprint, from what my half-shut eyes could see, "Yeah Bobby,—I yawn, "What is it?"
My aching nec
Don't Even_Entry for GT Family ContestI can't stay here.
I can't take any more of this imprisonment. I need to get out.
Blindly I splash a glob of red ink onto the stretched canvas. Hot air escapes my quivering lips. I can barely breathe. I find myself searching for that box again… There's got to be something better tasting than this crap. I open a gilded window to let the thin trails slither out from my lit torch. Only when I can think clearly again I look back into the depths of my private studio.
Well, actually, it's my bedroom. My dad's refused to set aside one of the countless rooms in the house for my only source of pleasure in this strange world. I take a deep token before coughing again; I keep on smoking to ease the mental tension, "I want to get out."
This is only wishful thinking. I've always thought about running away, but then… I look at the stretched canvas again, running fingers across my mother's hair, deep red. I prop my hand's tips to the background and prod continuously and haphazardly to creat
Our Rope_Bradley Solo AU“Oh no.” The throat contracted with fingers pulling at the collar of a white dress shirt. He was just feet away from that accursed entrance. Feelings of nervousness mixed with anger made Bradley hesitant to press the call button. Rather, a fist hit the surrounding wall of the Uppercrust Estate.
I don’t want to be here.
He must have been under the influence to finally comply to Tank’s suggestion to “spend time with the old man” after so long. The right hand man was right in assuming that the leader was more or less losing ground in his sanity, him going so far as to threaten his own teammates for illegitimate reasons.
It had been months after that post X-Games lecture where the whole Gamma team was present at Alphonse’s command, via jet plane. The words from his mouth did nothing but ruin the dignity the corrupt team had left, and if that wasn’t enough he told the rest of the team to get out of his office to speak with his own son a
  • Mood: Movingon
:iconcracked139: As I've mentioned before, anything Vanillatastic, MaxBradley, BlackLatte and even BrainySassette related will be on here.
I'm constantly uploading on that account--whether it be sketches or finished works.
There's more than fanart there. I'm trying my hand at music-inspired illustration and other things, usually weirder than what some are used to coming from me.
I do plan on indulging more in BlackLatte (Bradley Uppercrust x Beret Girl) and BrainySassette (Brainy Smurf x Sassette Smurfling) if anyone was missing that.
And I have been working on the MaxBradley story STILL so don't worry; I haven't discontinued it. But I'm going to have to update that journal entry that lists the story in chronological order
[EDIT 11:32PM] I need to re-do the whole thing; some links are broken on the list as well as the next/previous links on the story itself..!

Also, in case you haven't noticed the first time, Ask Mr. Uppercrust on Tumblr is now active:
(I do have to answer Q21; haven't ignored it but have put it on hold for other projects)

Now I understand that on this account :iconizzy-chan13: I can't post half-finished anything anymore. It's clear that more is expected of me and... *sigh*

Also, I have started to post pieces on :iconiz-schizoid: Again; I had shown said images on the last entry. *needs a poll to see who prefers fanart over original ideas e___e*


I start school again (after the one summer vacation I had after 4+ years) on September 2nd at Sacramento State.

My decided major is Psychology but I'm planning to minor in Art.. I'm thinking of art therapy as a career.
As much as I would have loved to do Animation *my first major before changing schools*, it's going to be a hobby once I actually have the guts to do it. I currently don't .___.

So, artwise for this here account, I don't know what I can do apart from a birthday gift I said I would do before stopping Art Trades *couple months ago*

However, I want to try this:
~ Johnny The Homicidal Maniac - "Last Breath Of You" by Mesh [song lyrics / images]

I have the reference images and the song itself has been typed and arranged. Just need the drive to do it.


[EDIT 4:34PM] I want to start Livestreaming. Any pointers?
I'm not going to be able to talk on there as I draw and/or color on Photoshop. I need to buy a headset first...

[EDIT 7:13AM, TUESDAY] I'm creating a new chronological list for MaxBradley, here:

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hope you like them! :meow:
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Ha! An Extremely Goofy Movie xD You like Anna and Hans? lol *Frozen not her favorite movie* The music... what year/decade is it from?
:laughing: You got the Shrek version of that song..! Still love Doppler and Amelia :love: I about freaked when I saw Esmeralda for reasons (*cough* Possible Fresme) AND Jafar x Jasmine o///o
I can't watch Dirty Diana :ohnoes: (no MJ for me :nuu:)
In your drawings I really like one where the girl's torso is twisting and her hair whipping around; good sense of pose I think :) I can see you're trying foreshortening
JNCVFREAK Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
LOL Yeah I thought I could get Goofy and Sylvia xD and well actually No I dont like Hans and Anna together I like her with Kristoff but I thought that this scene could work for it :3 u mean the song Bad things I actually dont know the year but the singer is jace Everette! :aww: 
:rofl: yeah I know I thought it was cool XD so do I :love: :heart: :iconsqueeeeplz: O_O OOHH jaja XD :eyes: I see what cha mean :XD: 
NUUUU :nuu: :ohnoes: But why! oh maybe its blocked where u live :\ darn youtube whyyyy!!!! 
Thankss! I like that one too! I started to make different poses jaja yeah! yeah I guess I am trying to do it xD still need practice but Im getting there I guess ^^; LOL :XD:
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It's cute :la:
Aww but I thought :XD: I'm kidding lol (Was I the only one who looked ONCE at Hans and knew he was the villain? His looks scream Bradley Uppercrust the Third minus blue eyes!)
Oh okay~ got it..
Yeah it's blocked in the U.S. :saddummy:
You're welcome :D I like your progress :meow:
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Nice visual taste~ I half expect the music to explode x'D oh Oh There we go! *head knocking*
Slight silence lol.. nuu girlie-- ahh picture drawing stuff *is thinking of making art therapy her career*
I like this song.... me likie... 0w0;;
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it's the horrible past of ww2 uwu
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